Tck Life // Sunday best

Ever since it rained on my wedding day, I’ve had a difficult relationship with the weather. There’s no amount of prayer or wishing or frantically checking that can change the winds or rains or sunshine.

So over the last two weeks, as I watched the rain percentage for October 20th increase, even to 100% at one point, I knew I was in trouble.

It rained for Jack’s first birthday party and though it was still fun, it felt so crowded in our house. Claustrophobic a little bit. Even more people were coming to Ella’s party and I had been working so hard and it seemed like it was all going to be ruined. How could I do a perfect enchanted forest party when we couldn’t actually use our enchanted forest (i:e our backyard)?

I’ll be honest, I felt a little betrayed by the universe. We had agonized over which date to have Ella’s party and the runner up Saturday was a perfect fall day. So annoying, right?

Then I remembered something. In every single trial I’ve ever had, the turning point is always when I stop wishing things were different and start praying to know what to do. So that’s what I did. And then all these ideas came for more indoor activities, ways to maximize our space, and how to create an enchanted patio on our thankfully screened in porch. I stopped worrying and started adapting.

So when the heavy rain started exactly fifteen minutes before the party started, I was completely at peace. Maybe it sounds silly that I was so prayerful about a child’s birthday but it led to such a strong spiritual experience. Because even though it rained, the party was perfect. We didn’t miss the yard; it would have been superfluous. Somehow, the house didn’t feel crowded at all. It was like our own “fishes and loaves” miracle. Ella had a great time and to have so many people we love huddled all together in our home in warmth and celebration was not dimmed one bit by the storm. You can’t change the winds but you can make your own sunshine.

Happy Sunday, everybody.

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