Tck Life // Sunday best

I really feel like my faith experiment is going well. I don’t know that my nature has changed, necessarily, but I do feel like I’m making a lot of positive changes. And the difficult feelings I was having in the beginning weren’t the pain of sin or being abandoned by God; they were the pain of growth and change. I’m starting to realize that trials precipitating change isn’t a coincidence; that’s their very purpose.

It’s a slow process but I do feel like there is progress. I’m chipping away at the adversary’s influence in my life. I no longer have a place for the enemy of my soul. We can’t get complacent though. Our peace is too important. Our growth is too important.

So don’t be afraid of the trials. Embrace them, knowing they mean God is aware of you and has great plans in store for you.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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