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Well, my favorite month of the year is over. It was super busy for us and I normally don’t like Halloween but this year, it really was an excellent way to end the month.


A few months ago, we got Ella a bunch of dress up clothes from Once Upon a Child and we let her pick one to be for Halloween. I thought, for sure, she’d pick one of the many princess dresses but she went with a super cute flamingo costume. It’s originally from Pottery Barn Kids so it was an excellent find (and deal)! And we found the perfect Spider-Man costume for Jack from there as well.

I even got in on the Halloween fun. My “costume” was a last minute decision and super easy to put together. I was inspired by the ears I used for Ella’s birthday photos and had seen the woodland creature face makeup a million times. And I didn’t use anything special, just makeup I already had. My son was taking a nap while I did it so he was pretty surprised when I got him out of his crib!

This was my favorite Halloween, yet! I loved the kids’ costumes and they were both so well behaved for the pictures. Last year was a little bit of a disaster, picture-wise. I was still new to being a mom of two and I had to get the kids ready by myself and I was so hurried and flustered, I didn’t get any pictures before we went trick or treating. I tried to get some after we went, an hour or two past their bedtime, and it did not go well.

So this year, I was locked in. We needed to leave the house by 4:30 so naturally, I started the process of leaving at 2:30. And I got all the pictures I wanted, we were right on time, and we had a blast trick-or-treating and handing out candy. Ella kept saying, “Happy Trick or Treat!” and Jack hung out sleepily and happily in the stroller. It was a great night for our family of four. I know everyone’s got their eyes on Christmas now but I want to hold onto Fall just a little while longer.



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