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Well, the time finally came. The Ella Shrine needed to come down.


The picture tree and flowers took a lot of work and planning and taking it down right after the party (like everything else) just didn’t feel right. So I kept it up. And up. And up, and up, and up. November hit and it was obviously out of place. The leaves were changing, the air was getting colder, and I also have a little boy who doesn’t have a shrine anywhere in our house. The only problem with taking it down was I had a million pictures and no idea what to do with them. I didn’t want to take them down and create a mess somewhere else so I decided it would have to stay up until I could come up with something special to do with them.

I considered putting them somewhere in the pink room but I really like how particularly styled that room is and too many pictures would overwhelm the space. And I don’t want to cover up too much of those pretty pink walls. One night, I was looking at all the pictures again and different memories were coming back about each one. So then I had the idea to create my own photo book, grouping all the pictures from each day and writing what I could remember. They’re all from the last year and there was something special about each picture; that’s why they made it to the wall.

I went to Home Goods thinking I would find something like a photo album where I could tape the pictures in and write a little about them but none of the albums were right. A little annoyed by that fact (and the two loud children with me), I headed to my favorite section in Home Goods: the office section. I love looking at the journals and cute desk organizers and office supplies. Then I saw this really pretty and simple Kate Spade journal.

So then I thought, why not just use a journal? I could put all the pictures in and write down memories just like I had wanted in this cute and unique way.

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It was really fun grouping all the pictures together by the day they were taken and writing all I could remember. Some were photo sessions I did during Jack’s morning nap (back when he actually took those), some were fun trips, and some were on random days I wouldn’t remember if not for these pictures.

That’s what I truly love about photography. I’ve held onto more memories because of the pictures I take. Each one transports me back, like it’s happening again and all the time. More of my life, more moments and days, are in my head and my heart. Photography make my life more full, more mine. This book is a reflection of that.

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P.S. The photos are by Fox Prints. I like to tape them up myself but they do have adhesive photo options.

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