TCK LIFE // Sunday Best

Savior. Redeemer. Prince of Peace. The Lord.

These are just a few of the names we use to reference Jesus Christ. My favorite term is probably “the advocate.” I love what it symbolizes; he is our defender and our representative. He pleads our cause. He knows us and loves us.

It’s easy to feel alone, especially in the fight against sin and temptation and our imperfect natures. It’s easy to feel like we are over here and our Savior is all the way over there, judging us and finding us unworthy. It simply isn’t the case. Yes, we must improve. We are not just fine however we are. But we can come as we are and know that the Savior is not far away or looking down on us. He is at our side.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



p.s. Ella had her Primary Program today, which is when the children of our congregation sing and bear their testimonies. We’ve been practicing and talking about it for ages and I was so nervous for her and I cried the entire time she was up there. She did an amazing job and I’m just so grateful she’s learning the things that are really helping me now.

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