tck fashion // fall photo session

We’re doing Thanksgiving with my in-laws this year and this will be the largest family gathering we’ve had in five years. Matthew has a really big family and there are a lot of grandkids so it’s hard to get everyone together so it’s a big deal that most of us are all going to be in one place. Five years ago, the entire family as able to meet up for Thanksgiving and we took a bunch of family photos. Matthew and I didn’t have any kids yet and I didn’t have my curated act together as much back then so our outfits were okay but they didn’t coordinate at all (the horror!).


I’m not sure if we’ll do pictures again this year since not everyone can make it, but I’m curated now and still want some fall pictures. And there’s no harm in righting past wrongs and being prepared! Honestly, this site could be called “The Prepared Kids” and that would have been just as accurate. Maybe more accurate đŸ™‚

I’ve been scouting out locations near us, just in case we don’t take pictures on the day, and there a few really pretty spots. North Carolina is so beautiful in the fall! We’re really lucky to live here.

The final piece of the puzzle is our outfits. I love dressing my kids up for special occasions and I really like for us to be coordinated in pictures without being too matchy. Like we belong together but aren’t the exact same. And my favorite Fall color palette is blue, gray, white, and brown– all different shades of these colors. Here’s what I’m thinking:

I want to wear something kind of preppy. Like tweed and riding boots (my favorite, favorite thing to own).


For Ella, I have a bit of a different idea from what she normally wears. I’ve been imagining her in a blue blazer, some kind of sweater and skirt and then the knee socks I love to put on her. I normally put her in super feminine and flowy clothes but I just think a blazer on her would be so cute and sweet and sophisticated.


I’ll be honest, I have a really hard time dressing Jack. I never want to over style him but I also want his outfit to look just as thought out as Ella’s. It’s been a tough learning curve having a boy! But my idea for him is some kind of sweater and brown khakis and something blue to tie him in.


So I’m going for a preppy, fall-inspired look that’s comfortable for the kids to be in all day but will also photograph well. I’m excited to put these looks together and get some beautiful pictures!

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