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Happy Thanksgiving TCK followers!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year. My favorite holiday, my favorite foods, my favorite sport being played all day, and time spent with Matthew and our darlings and our extended family. I won’t be with my family this year but I wanted to share in one of our Thanksgiving traditions (that I’m sure a lot of you do as well). We always go around the table before dinner and say what we’re grateful for this year. Matthew calls these speeches and can’t believe how emotional we all get. What do you expect from a family of almost all girls?! Matthew’s family is considerably less, shall we say, expressive than we are but I wanted to make sure that I wrote all my blessings down. When I take the time to do so, I always realize there are things I’m taking for granted and I remember how much I truly have in my life. I thank and praise God for all that He continues to give me.

Matthew- the most supportive and loving husband. He believed in me before I even dared. And is really patient with me and the kids during our many photo sessions.

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Ella-  my dearest darling, my inspiration and miracle.

Jack- the sweetest little boy of my dreams. Hard to chase but good to catch.

My parents.

My siblings.

My precious niece, born this year.

The gospel- there is more strength and sincerity in my worship than ever before. It’s like Heaven is suddenly so much closer than I ever knew.


My kids’ health and their sweet, funny relationship.


Being a stay at home mom- some days, it is just cooking and cleaning and diapers and driving. And other days, it’s like watching eternity roll out in front of you. How warm Jack is when I get him up from his nap, all of Ella’s slow and silly stories from preschool on the car ride home– I’m so lucky it’s all mine.


Matthew’s parents.

Second chances- I began a journey of faith a few months ago and I didn’t think it would work at all. I thought I’d used up all my chances. But I’m feeling new feelings and thinking new thoughts and I know it’s because my faith is taking up too much space for any of my old doubts to stick around.

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The Curated Kids- I’ve been able to combine all my passions and share who I really, truly am. I’m starting to think there are very few things better than that.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.



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