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I just love how our Thanksgiving photos turned out! Which is kind of a miracle, considering how difficult it was to get them.

I noticed this spot while driving to Jack’s doctor’s appointment– a white picket fence and the prettiest fall leaves hanging over. It’s taken forever for the leaves to turn this year  but this little spot was perfectly Autumn.

We had the backdrop so I just needed the kids’ outfits. If you remember from my last post talking about this, I wanted a very preppy, sophisticated Fall look for each of us. Fortunately, I have a pretty preppy style so I already had everything I needed.

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I really wanted a blazer for Ella but they’re super expensive! Even just for little kids. So I headed to Once Upon a Child in the hopes of finding one her size.

They had zero for girls. Like, zero. So I went to the boys section and there were a few blazers but they were all for babies or 10 year olds. I combed over the racks a few times and I started to feel a little discouraged (especially since we were supposed to take the pictures later that afternoon- not the best planning by  me). But finally, right before I was about to leave, I found one! Size 4 and blue, just like I wanted.

I wanted her to have a bit of a French look, which is why I layered her peter pan collar shirt under her sweater. That sweater also got some brown into her outfit, which would complement me and Jack.

So remember those baby blazers I found? Yeah, I got one for Jack. I hadn’t planned on him wearing a blazer but the thought of them matching in this way was just too tempting to pass up. Jack had a sophisticated outfit but his behavior was anything but! He was all over the place, running away and refusing to be held. It’s probably why he’s smiling in every picture.

I love these blazer babies.

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I love how all of our looks go together more than strictly match perfectly.

It was a crazy couple of hours but the effort was definitely worth it. Their sweet outfits and the beautiful Fall backdrop complemented each other perfectly. And now I have more treasured pictures with my darlings.



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