tck life // Sunday best

We had a really nice Thanksgiving. It was hard being away from my family but also wonderful to really feel like a part of Matthew’s family. I know that isn’t a given because I didn’t feel that way the last time we were all together 5 years ago. Matthew and I had only been married a couple years, we didn’t have kids, and we lived on our own in Atlanta. I’ll admit I felt out of place and a bit like an intruder. I was so uncomfortable and unsure of my place– it was pretty lonely. I had some anxiety leading up to this holiday, worried that same insecure feeling would overwhelm me. I didn’t take into account just how much has changed. I have 7 years of being married to Matthew and going to his parents’ house for holidays and having playdates with his siblings. I have Ella and Jack now, who have made me stronger and somehow more and less sensitive at the same time. This Thanksgiving, I was able to feel more sure of my place in Matthew’s family because I feel more sure of myself. I really have a testimony of patience and hope now that I see how time, and nothing but time, can change us when we spend it productively. I’ve spent time this year trying to become better and I didn’t have Thanksgiving in mind at all. But I have to believe that since it was a better experience, the changes we make in ourselves can affect anything and everything we do. If I didn’t know it was worth the effort already, I certainly do now.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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