Tck life // Sunday best

I’ve had a lesson in perspective this week.

I had a few disappointments this week that really disrupted this faith experiment I’ve been doing. It’s easy to believe and be optimistic when things are going your way. It’s considerably less easy when things aren’t going your way; when your hard work goes to waste or your expectations aren’t met. I’ve definitely been tested this past week and I have a lot to learn and resilience to build for the future. But I’m comforted that every day, I tried really hard to overcome these feelings of defeat and dejection. I lost the battle a few times but I never stopped fighting. Having faith does not exempt us from difficult times. It can only help you through them. And I’d like to think that that’s what will build the resilience. Our difficult weeks, when endured well, will strengthen us for the future. That’s perspective I’m grateful to have gained, that I simply could not have gained without the battle.

Happy Sunday, everybody.

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