tck life // Sunday best

I wasn’t able to go to church today but I read something this morning that has helped me and the point of Sunday Best, beyond sharing cute outfits, is to share positive and uplifting messages.

“It is challenging but vital to remain firm and steadfast when we find ourselves being refined “in the furnace of affliction,” something that comes soon or late to all of us in mortality. Without God, these dark experiences tend to despondency, despair, and even bitterness. With God, comfort replaces pain, peace replaces turmoil, and hope replaces sorrow. Remaining firm in the faith of Christ will bring His sustaining grace and support.”

I have found myself in the furnace of affliction a few times in my life. This year had some moments that burned hotter and longer than any other in the past. But as the year is coming to an end, I see how I have been refined by my suffering and how the power of hope has overwhelmed my sorrow. You can never feel alone when you walk with Christ.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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