tck diy // the christmas village

It’s finally here! I finished the Christmas Village!

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This started out as a small wish I had to make for my kids. That wish turned into a concrete idea and that turned into a passion project that I hope will be a cherished family activity every year at Christmas. I fully expect it to get beat up, scuffed, and marked and while my OCD freaks out a little bit over that, the mom in me is thrilled for my kids and the memories they will share.

It started with the houses. I had thought to make them myself out of cardboard but these cottages and birdhouses were just so darling and had the exact cozy feeling I wanted.

But I really wanted to do more than just paint unfinished houses. I wanted to populate the village and have a lot of fun elements for the kids to enjoy.

I have my pet favorites, like the ballerina, the angel, the felt string lights, and the little peg dolls representing Ella and Jack.

The sky was the final addition. I loved this wrapping paper because it could be like snow falling onto this perfect little Christmas town.

I had so much fun making this for Ella and Jack. To turn a passion into a skill takes work but it’s the best kind of work there is. Well, second to being a mom. And getting to do this for my kids, I had the best of everything. Thank you all for following along.



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