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I have always been a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions. They can seem cliche or naive, but the idea that we can all change and have fresh starts is such a hopeful one. So why fight it?

I am making one little tweak this year though: I’m not calling them resolutions. For 2019, I have plans.


Something about the word “plans” makes my goals more concrete for me and action-oriented. It feels more empowering and serious and possible. And to really keep my plans present and give myself greater chance of success, I’ve decided to keep them displayed. And what better way to start the new year than with a fun and easy DIY?

What You’ll Need:

Pin board & pins


Number stickers


I’ve had this pin board for a few years now and it’s just been a fun little display of pictures and images I’ve collected over the years– that Picasso post card is from a project I did in the 3rd grade!

Anyways, it seemed like the perfect place to keep my plans. I always split my New Years goals into categories that represent the basic parts of myself. I’ll do things like student, wife, mother, etc. This way, I can choose goals within those areas to specifically help me improve. I just think the more realistic and specific you make your goals, the better.


This year, my categories are Wife, Mother, Person, and Disciple. So I made these little labels and to make it more fun and “me,” I used old earrings to put them up instead of pins.

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Next, I took some pieces of cardstock and wrote down everything I want to change/accomplish this year. I did an ombre effect with the paper because why not? The prettier, the better.


Then I took some gold number stickers I had to make a 2019 sign.


And lastly, to get a little more DIY and brighten up the board, I made these little felt flowers. They aren’t perfect but they were pretty easy (all you need are felt and a hot glue gun!) and I actually kind of love how they turned out. I can’t believe I made them!


I think the best way to tackle New Year’s resolutions is to be serious and truly hopeful. I think resolutions fade away because life simply gets busy. During the holidays, we have all this time to think about the next chapter and our hopes and our goals but things pick up again really quickly and we don’t have that precious time anymore. Or something more sinister, like self-doubt or setbacks, gets in the way. Maybe we get to February and we don’t see any noticeable changes or we don’t feel any different so we give up. And slowly we forget what we were hoping for in the first place. My hope is that making this board will keep these important changes present and tangible, like a to-do list for my spirit. That it will be enough to help me fight the February slump. I have high hopes for this year and this 2019 Board can help me see my plans through.




What are your plans for 2019? If you make a board, I want to see! Share them with me by tagging @thecuratedkids on Instagram!

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