tck life // Sunday Best

Sunday combines three of my favorite things: getting dressed up, taking pictures of Ella and Jack in cute outfits, and feeling close to the Savior. The first two take a lot of planning and coaxing and the stars aligning. I have to have nearly perfect timing (and so does my husband/Sunday Best photographer) to get it all done so we’re out the door on time for church. It’s not easy. The third, however, can be much harder to accomplish. I used to think feeling close to the Savior took near perfection, which was too lofty a goal. I’ve never not believed in him butI have spent more than enough not believing in myself. And I thought that while I was doubting or suffering or, you know, being an imperfect human, I could not accept his invitation to follow him.

If only I had known. That he wants me when I’m doubting, when I’m suffering, in all my humanity. That I didn’t have to be near perfect to be near him.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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