tck travel // Wilmington

Since Matthew is in school, our holiday season lasts well into January and we are taking full advantage. Last week we went to visit his family in Wilmington (for the millionth time and I’m not sorry!) and while I love the romantic chill of the Northeast, 70 degrees in January is not half bad.


I have so many pictures just like these but I always, always want more. The sun hitting the water just right, the waves crashing against the pier, Ella and Jack doing anything. Jack’s time adjusting to the sand getting quicker and quicker, Ella dipping her toes in the cold water before running back to us– I get to watch my kids grow up and explore and discover in this beautiful place.


We always do a lot of activities in Wilmington and normally I fight against that (I am a homebody, through and through. Joanna Gaines stole the name of my biography), but this time I leaned into it.


We went to a different park almost every morning. Jack is a little more daring than Ella was at this age, which probably has something to do with his older sister’s example. Ella is still pretty cautious but I see Jack’s eyes go wide every time Ella does something he hadn’t thought to do before.

Matthew and I walked The Loop for the first time, a trail around Wrightsville Beach. Matthew had no excuse for why he hadn’t done it before but I’m glad we got to do it for the first time together. That’s the other great thing about visiting grandparents: free babysitters!

We also made sugar cookies and rode bikes and we went to an indoor trampoline park (right?!). I more than leaned into it, I fell headfirst and that, like the weather, was not half bad.


After 7 years of Wilmington trips, you’d think I’d stop forgetting how much I love the place. But I’m glad I forget because it’s like this sweet surprise every time we go back.


Traveling with two kids is hard and this very well could have been our last time going off for the holidays for a while and if it was, I’m happy to have ended on such a sunny, sandy, sugary note.



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