The Curated Notebook

So back in December, I had this crazy idea. And today’s the day I’m announcing it!

I’m starting The Curated Notebook, a monthly sneak peek of TCK’s content and ideas. Everything from lifestyle tips, kids fashion, motherhood triumphs and trials, DIYs, my curated finds, and a feature of a special girl boss every month. And when you sign up (click here!), you get a free printable every month!

I’m really excited to share all of my ideas with you guys. I started The Curated Kids as a way to share my passions and it’s been the most rewarding experience turning into a community of people and families living deliberately. Thanks so much for coming along.




p.s. since we’re already kind of towards the end of January, this month’s newsletter is more of a recap than a sneak peek… growing pains! See you next month 😉

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