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One thing my husband and I have been trying to do since getting home from all of our holiday travels is get our house organized. I bet a lot of people do that at the beginning of the year! Raising two kids has proven to be pretty chaotic and one goal I have is to create more peace in our home. I think a big part of that is keeping our home clean and inviting, where good feelings can dwell and flourish. This idea branches much further out than just home decor; it’s the way we treat each other, the tone of my voice when speaking to the kids, and spending quality time with each other. But I think by eliminating the chaos of clutter and mess, our attitudes and moods will be positively affected. So I’m starting with the very front of our house: the entryway.

This space is usually clogged with shoes and coats and all the toys Ella begs to take to preschool that we somehow convince her to leave behind. More than I’d like to admit, getting to our front door has been like an obstacle course worthy of American Ninja Warrior.

I really wanted to make our entryway beautiful and functional. It’s the first place people see when they come in your home and more importantly, it’s the first place you see when you get home everyday. It can set the tone for the atmosphere, which is all the more reason to keep it clean. I think pictures and plants are really good for accomplishing that warmth and ambiance.

This cabinet is what we’re using as a display case. Pictures of the family, our favorite books and art, and a picture of the temple to remind us of what’s important to our family (side note: it’s also where we got married!). The mirror reflects light and everything together creates a more inviting space.

We’re using the hall tree much more efficiently now for storage. We used to just throw our coats and backpacks on it and it was a magnet for mess. We’re keeping the kids’ shoes and winter things in the bench so that they’re no longer strewn around the living room and impossible to find in the morning.

Simply rearranging things we already had and using the space better has created such a better flow into our home. And the best part is that getting rid of clutter, adding a mirror and plants, and creating a tablescape or gallery wall of special pictures and mementos are things anyone can do! 2019 is still fresh and creating a peaceful home environment is one of my top priorities and this feels like a good start.





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