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TCK Fashion Feature: Zara Kids

Zara Kids is one of my favorite brands for kids’ clothes. Whenever we have a special event or holiday, I always check there first for dresses for Ella.

I like using their dresses because they are unique and sweet and my mom sees them and never fails to ask, “Now where did you find that?” They like to use fun extra details, like ruffled sleeves or pom-poms on the pocket. Their dresses are dreamy and sweet, just like Ella.

Zara Kids also has a range of styles, from preppy and girly to cooler and more grunge. And their clothes can seem really fancy but they all move really well; Ella wears their stuff to church and to preschool.

They also have the best floral prints.

Tips for Shopping at Zara:

-Always check the back. A few of their shirts and dresses will have open backs, which is not a style I normally like to do, so I’ve been surprised the one or two times I’ve ordered something and it had an open back. They’re still really cute, I just put shirts on under them if we’re going out.

-Their clothes are pretty true to size but Ella is on the taller side so I size up. And their dresses transition into really cute shirts so they last a long time.

-Check out their shoes. They’re kind of pricey for kids’ shoes but every pair Ella got from there lasted as long as her feet fit in them. And they’re really cute!


-They come out with new arrivals frequently and they do restock, so don’t lose hope if something you wanted sells out. Check back often. I’ve been lucky a couple times now!

I’ve been putting Ella in Zara for years and they always have something I love (quite a few somethings, actually). They get the most compliments and take the prettiest pictures.

I love Zara Kids because they match the whimsy and sweetness of Ella’s demeanor and childhood.

Now that you’ve seen some of our looks from over the years, here are some of my favorites that are up on their site right now:

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