TCK Favorites: January

I’m excited for this new year and to bring Curated Favorites back to the blog!

This month was all about organization and office decor, since I’m finally finishing up my “cloffice,” lovingly referred to as The Pink Room.


For me, I want an office to be light, organized, and inspiring. A space you love to be in and where you can actually get things done and feel motivated.

Here’s what I loved this month:


I’m calling my resolutions plans and what better way to keep them organized than with a planner? You can begin projects with the end in mind, keeps goals present and a planner doesn’t let time get away from you (which kids absolutely try to do).



I love the look of acrylic calendars because they’re so sleek and minimalist. That normally isn’t my style– I like a lot of trinkets everywhere– but if you have a super busy schedule, it won’t be this cluttered eyesore.

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 8.28.07 pm

Girl Boss Motivation



I looooove these planters. I haven’t managed to keep any plants alive yet (fingers crossed that 2019 is my year) but they are somehow bold and neutral at the same time.


Copper Wire Board


I love this alternative to a bulletin board. It’s cleaner and simpler and I’ll still be able to see my pink wall through it. And I’ve been using it for pictures and inspiring quotations and the best thing about it is you can switch things up whenever you want.


I got these shelves for Christmas and I can’t wait to put them up! That will be my reward for finishing the deep clean of our house. They’re simple but the marble and gold make them a little more glamorous and feminine.

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 8.24.27 pm


I love personalized stationery because it’s so classic and deliberate and thoughtful. Letter writing is kind of a lost art (that should come back!) and stationery really lets you take pride and ownership of your desk space.

Fun Desk Accessories


Art & Photographs


This gallery wall corner just makes me happy. Partly because I put it up myself and I made all the prints and took all the pictures for my own personal art gallery.  And then most of the frames are from Michael’s and I printed everything through Shutterfly, so it was really inexpensive to put together.

Hope you enjoyed my January favorites and I can’t wait to share the finished Pink Room with you all!



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