tck life // sunday best

I’m always a little out of sorts after hosting a party and my spiritual progression took a bit of a back seat this past week. With Matthew sick and all the Valentine’s Day festivities I had planned for the kids and worked so hard on, it felt a little bit like the universe was working against me. And when I should have been holding tighter to the gospel, it slipped through my fingers a little bit.

I used to think that I would be punished harshly for any mistake, for anything less than perfection. I was afraid of the authority of God. I thought it was waiting to come crashing down on me. But I didn’t feel abandoned this week, even though my scripture study was short some nights and my temper was even shorter some days. I didn’t feel condemned or alone. It still surprises me sometimes, the mercy and understanding we constantly receive. This past week was difficult but it wasn’t a punishment. At moments, it did feel like the universe was combining against me but I know that God and the Savior never will.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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