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Today is my mom’s birthday and I feel beyond fortunate that I got to celebrate it with her. Honestly, I’m beyond fortunate to just be her daughter and receive her love and wisdom. To witness her faith and live off her strength. There are some ideas that maybe you’ve heard before but once your mom says them, it’s like they’re brand new. Like a magic spell or revelation. Gospel. Yesterday she said, “You have to believe that you really can do anything.”

I’ve heard those words before, of course, and I’m sure she’s said them before. But in the moment, and even now, those words feel more powerful. More possible.

With this love for my mom and some wonderful lessons at church today, I started thinking about our heavenly parents. The idea of heavenly parents has never been on my list of doubts. God is as real to me as any person I’ve ever actually met. And I credit this to my parents. The idea of a Heavenly Father who is perfectly wise and loving and merciful isn’t hard for me to comprehend because my own parents embody so much of that. No human is perfect but I can believe in a perfect being because my parents are such good examples to me. And I guess that’s something I should strive for as a mom. Ella and Jack will first know God through me and if I’m trying to be like Him, the idea of Him will become the reality of Him. It’s a lot to live up to, but you have to really believe that you really can do anything.

Happy Sunday, everybody and Happy Birthday Mom.



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