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My parents and two of my sisters came down last month to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  I wanted to do something special for her, even though it was on the heels of my exhausting Valentine’s Day party. Still, I have an amazing mother and the only reason I feel confident enough to do these parties, anything actually, is because of her. I figured I could do a garden party theme, since I had a bunch of relevant materials from Ella’s fairy and enchanted forest parties.


And my mom’s name also starts with E, so you guys know I’m all set there.


But in the midst of these time- and money-savers, I wanted to make a DIY especially for my mom. So I decided to do a flowery tribute to her:

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I found the papier mache letters on sale at Target and the bouquet of flowers at Michael’s, also on sale.


First, I took the box cutter to remove the front of the letter. This is really easy so you really just need to make the initial cut (without going all the way through the letter) and then you could pull the rest off with your hands.

Second, I cut off the flower heads that I wanted to use. You can save the stems for another project or throw them away.

Then you just hot glue the flower heads inside the letter and you have a beautiful flower monogram! Super simple with a beautiful impact.


I had a great time putting this party together for my mom and we had a great time as a family. It was the second time in a month I’d eaten my weight in sugar cookies and had to clean sprinkles off of Ella’s face in the bath. Party planning is my love language and it was great to speak it to my mom.




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