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I’d like you all to meet my third child, The Pink Room


The inspiration for this room began with needing to solve a problem. Our bedroom closet is really small so all of Matthew’s clothes were on a higher rack that I couldn’t reach and all my clothes were on the bottom racks. But my dresses were dragging on the floor or the kids would pull them down so it was constantly a mess in there. We had an extra bedroom in our house that we weren’t really using- it had our piano and a desk we’d been given for free. But it had pink walls. So I had the idea to make the room over into the “cloffice” of my dreams.

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There are quite a few DIYs in here but the very first one was spray painting these clothes racks. They were super affordable from Wayfair and spray painting them took one afternoon in our backyard. And you know me, I had to arrange the clothes by color.

I have a reading corner in both of my kids’ rooms and I wanted to make one for myself. I’ve had this chair for years and it had been kind of awkwardly placed in our living room but it fit perfectly in here. I made the gallery wall with some of my favorite pictures of the kids and some art prints I’d made.

This gold cart entered next- this was how I could have a sort of “shelfie” without having the trouble of hanging up shelves.

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The accessories wall was a series of mistakes that turned into something really cute. I initially got that wall grid to hang above the desk but never loved how it looked with a bunch of pictures on it. And it was rose gold, when everything on the desk would just be gold. Then I had the idea to hang my favorite necklaces on it. I had those bird hooks for several years but they were two different shades of green so I spray painted them, spray painted that Bonjour hook (another old one) and created this sort of “mixed metals” accessories wall. So the rose gold doesn’t clash with the rest of the room anymore.


The desk probably makes me the happiest of anything in the room. Even though it’s technically a failure!


I had planned on painting it. It was going to be my most ambitious home DIY and I really thought I might attempt it. But as the pink room was taking longer and longer to finish, the thought of taking the desk downstairs and outside to paint and then bring it back upstairs when we were going to be moving in a couple months just didn’t make sense. So I tried to think of ways to make it not stand out so much. I had the idea to use contact paper to make the desktop match the light airiness of the rest of the room. And I love how it turned out!


I love everything on the desk, from the art hanging above it with my DIY ombre artwork and art prints to the gold and pink accessories scattered across the top.

The center of the room wasn’t terribly difficult to figure out, other than how to make the ottoman match the aesthetic better. The shag rug on top of it gives the room a cozier feel and connects the red to the pinks in the room.


The room didn’t feel complete without curtains and it’s amazing the effect they had as soon as we put them up. I didn’t want anything to obstruct the light that comes in so these sheer curtains are perfect. Also the most “me” thing about this room is that planters are being used to store my ridiculous amount of journals.

The last piece of this room was the picture wall. I had this big blank space and I didn’t know what to do with it. But it wouldn’t really be an Elizabeth project without some sort of picture showstopper.


And this room really is an Elizabeth project. I want to spend all of my time in here because it represents me so much. I told Matthew it’s like the physical embodiment of my soul. It’s been wonderful to have a passion project to work on and it’s even more amazing to have a completed space to work on my other passions. I have to say, find a space in your home, whether it be an unused room or just a free corner, and make it your own. Pour your heart into it and watch how your heart grows and grows. Watch how making something yourself boosts your confidence to go make the next thing. A “cloffice” might be frivolous but the experience of learning to do things for yourself is anything but. I love this room and I’m so happy to finally share it with you!






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  1. I love this, Elizabeth! So pretty!! Very light and elegant-looking, but also practical and warm!! It suits you beautifully… and now you’ve inspired me to craft a corner of my own!

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