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It’s no secret that one way I like to mark an occasion is by putting the kids in special outfits. For holidays, family photos, and parties, I like to coordinate and I keep a calendar of special dates where I know I need special outfits. Easter, naturally, is one of the most important dates. It’s one of my favorite holidays because of its meaning and how involved children get to be in the ways we celebrate it.

In the current world of social media, you might feel pressure to get that perfectly put together Easter outfit for a perfectly put together Easter picture. First of all, don’t feel pressure. I curate outfits because I love it but if you don’t love it, it’s really not that important. But if you have the desire to mark special occasions in a similar way, then I have a few tips for making Easter a little easier.


This is pretty simple because Easter comes with its own pastel color palette. My favorite pastels to combine are light pink and light blue and then white to anchor them. For any special outfits, I normally pick two colors and then a neutral color to tie them together.

And to make sure the outfits coordinate and don’t clash, follow my “primary-secondary” rule. Whatever the primary color is in one outfit, make it the secondary color of another outfit. So everyone’s outfits are all tied together without having to be a perfectly matching set.



I love to mix patterns. There are a lot of ways to do it without clashing, so if you’re unsure of how to mix them, here are some of my favorite ideas:

Same pattern, different colors


Different patterns, same colors


Florals with seersucker

Plaid with stripes

Neutral animals with neutral pattern


Style is a more personal thing so I’ll just tell you the look I always go for in our pictures. For Ella, I like a little preppy, French inspired look but the dominant word that comes to mind is sweetness. I don’t like anything that isn’t age appropriate or that’s too flashy. Soft, feminine, and fit for a little girl. And there is a blurry line between cute and bratty and I try really hard not to cross it! (I’ve come close at least one time that I remember, it’s a Sunday Best photo from a few weeks ago– you can go to my Instagram and see if you can guess which one I’m talking about).

For Jack, it’s really important to me that he’s never overdressed or over-styled. The same goes for Ella, actually. She likes to get dressed up but I never want her to feel like a pet or a doll. That’s why I try to get our posed pictures out of the way really quickly and then just get pictures of them running around and being kids. But I would describe the style I go for with Jack as easy, boyish, maybe a little preppy, and sophisticated. Blazers over crewnecks is basically it 🙂

I hope this helps you get the pictures you want this holiday. I like to coordinate because it’s more interesting and beautiful to the eye and it’s fun for me. I can’t wait to see all of your curated Easter photos!



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