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Easter is almost here! And to get the celebration started, I’ve flooded our house with flowers, bunnies, and pastels. Take a look!


Decorating for every holiday is so easy– you just need flowers!

I used votives and these little bud vases I’ve been collecting for the past month– the dollar section at Target has all the treasures.


And if you’re having a family dinner on Easter Sunday, I’ve put together a super easy and festive tablescape.

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I used the same votives and bud vases (if you’re in North Carolina, forgive me for buying up all the pink ones) and I pulled together all the other elements to create a simple and beautiful display. I even cut some flowering branches off the tree in our front yard to make a fuller centerpiece arrangement.


It’s really pretty easy to be festive, you just have to think a little bit ahead. Go through what you already have with new eyes and see how it all comes together!

I hope you all have a beautiful Easter, down to the tiniest detail.







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