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Well the time has nearly arrived for us to say goodbye to North Carolina.

Back in 2017, we packed up our apartment, our two tiny kids (Jack was only 3 months old!) and moved to North Carolina for Matthew to get his MBA. After almost 8 years of marriage, we’ve had our ups and downs but nothing compares to the rollercoaster of the past two years. There’s so much that I’ll miss about North Carolina: Matthew’s family, Ella’s preschool, this house (so many important memories), the easier drive to see my parents, and my favorite restaurants from my college days. But there’s so much I’m excited for in Atlanta and most of it revolves around decorating Ella’s room…in our new house…that we bought!

The real update! We bought a house!

I have been dying to talk more about this but I’m superstitious and it’s been crazy busy but I can finally open up about it because we closed yesterday!

I found our house online a while ago and saved it because I loved the outside (Pride and Prejudice vibes) and the Carolina blue door was perfect for our Tar Heel family. We sent a bunch of homes to our realtor and she gave us a lot of good options as well, that we actually preferred to this house. We had to act fast so Matthew drove down to Georgia a few days later (on Jack’s birthday– that’s why I just couldn’t go, birthdays are way too whimsical and important for this mama to miss) and this ended up being his favorite one. I was kind of surprised because he hadn’t been super into it. I guess that’s why it’s so important to see homes in person. We talked it over and I did love the pictures and the videos and after praying about it, we felt like we should put an offer in. So we did and it was accepted! I couldn’t believe it; it was actually the day of Jack’s birthday party so I was super out of it and twitchy that day, haha. Sorry Jack! I got to go down and see the house the next week and I fell in love with it too. It’s been so fun imagining all the different things we can do and all the memories we’ll make. This will really be a curated home, designed with intention and heart. But most of all, I’m excited to finally put down some roots and call a place our very own.

We’re going to Georgia, everybody! And we have so many fun plans that my husband doesn’t know he’s agreed to, yet! This will be a big project for our family and TCK, I mean it took me six or seven months just to do The Pink Room so this will definitely be a thoughtful process. The Curated Kids is a lifestyle but also a life philosophy that I have cultivated and I’m excited for it to flourish during this next chapter. I hope you all tag along and stay tuned for all the curated magic!



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