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I had so many mixed feelings when we first moved to North Carolina and nothing has changed now that we’ve packed up and moved to Georgia. I’m so excited for the future but our family really grew in the last two years. Ella has changed so much and Jack has basically spent his entire life in North Carolina. We always knew we would have two years in Durham and I’m grateful to say we did not take our time there for granted. We’ve collected beautiful places, taken on creative projects, and most importantly, made meaningful memories.

Here is our highlight reel.


First has got to be Wilmington- home of Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and Matthew’s parents.





One of our favorite local spots in Durham was Duke Gardens. I loved getting the kids dressed up and then capturing them playing and running around in this beautiful and interesting place.






One of the biggest personal developments for me has been creating The Curated Kids. It was just an idea before coming to North Carolina but it has enriched the last two years of my life in so many ways. Here are some of my favorite TCK projects.

Jack’s First Birthday



Ella’s Fourth Birthday



Christmas Village



Valentine’s Day Party



The Pink Room




In the grand scheme of things, two years really isn’t a long time. But when you’re two and a half and three months old respectively, two years is the grand scheme. That two and a half year old is going to be five in a few months and that three month old is weaving his way through the terrible twos– what I’m trying to say is a lot can happen. A lot has.



Jack learned to walk and talk and experienced snow for the first time. He discovered a love of trucks and trains and being tickled. He has a love/hate relationship with sand and love/love relationship with Ella, Matthew, and my dad.


Ella learned how to ride a bike and spoke in church and really grew into being a protective big sister and a confident little girl.




I’m grateful for all these firsts and lasts of our time here. We love you, North Carolina! Until next time,




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