tck life // first week in georgia

I feel like TCK has taken a bit of a back seat since we got back to Georgia– I’ve still been posting but I’ve been having a harder time keeping up with it like I usually do! But I feel like I’m finally coming out of the fog of packing and unpacking and I wanted to catch up!


First of all, I’m so happy to be here. We lived in Atlanta for four years before we left to get Matthew’s MBA and I missed it more than I thought I would. I had Jack three months before we moved and that was really difficult and took up all of my energy. So thinking about saying goodbye to Georgia wasn’t a priority. But I did miss and I’m glad to be back. There’s something about this place that feels really alive and bright. And people have been so friendly! I have seriously never had nicer neighbors in my adult life. We’ve been heartily welcomed and it’s made such a difference. I mean, someone brought us warm banana bread yesterday! I couldn’t believe it.

We are loving our new house and now that it isn’t just a cardboard box museum, we are getting to more fully live in it too.


When we were looking at houses, we mainly just wanted a fenced in yard but the basement has turned out to be the biggest blessing. We’re slowly turning it into a playroom for the kids and it’s been so nice to have all of the toys and clutter that comes with toddlers completely out of sight from upstairs. Our favorite room to hang out in at night when the kids have gone to bed is the living room. It’s so peaceful and we love looking out the huge window into the trees.


The hardest part about moving has been the emotional upheaval. I was so ready to leave North Carolina but change just overwhelms me, no matter what. I don’t know if it was just the release of the tension and stress of the buildup or feeling completely out of my depth by all the work ahead of us, but I had a hard time for the first few days. It’s taken me a little bit to settle back down into my normal self but I finally feel like I have.


The best part of being here is seeing how happy the kids are. The former owners lived here for almost 20 years and raised their kids here and this house just seems like the perfect place to grow up. We felt we were doing the right thing by getting this house and now we know for sure it was the place for us.


We’re trying to get a lot done before Matthew goes to work and I’m excited to get everything out of boxes and start all of our home decor projects. Since this could be our home for many years to come, we really want to make it a functional and beautiful space. I’m thrilled to get started and to exchange ideas with you all.



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