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Today, I want to use this space to share words I found really inspiring this past week. This might be a one time thing or the new normal for Sunday Best; either way, I hope these words help strengthen your faith as they have strengthened mine.

Sunday Best // Where faith & fashion meet.


“My beloved friends, in our shared ministry of reconciliation, I ask us to be peacemakers– to love peace, to seek peace, to create peace, to cherish peace. I make that appeal in the name of the Prince of Peace, who knows everything about being “wounded in the house of [His] friends” but who still found the strength to forgive and forget–and to heal– and be happy. For that I pray, for you and for me.”

-Jeffrey R. Holland, The Ministry of Reconciliation


Elizabeth: Ann Taylor blouse, Old Navy skirt, Madewell necklace, J. Crew shoes

Ella: Gap Kids dress, Anthropologie bow

Jack: Ralph Lauren shirt, Gap Kids shorts

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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