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While decorating the playroom has been fun, organizing it efficiently has been life changing. Kid stuff can take over your house (I know from experience) and I wanted more out of stay-at-home motherhood than constantly picking up after Ella and Jack. Novel concept, right?


When we were moving out of our old house, it was really important to us to start off on the right foot with cleaning and organization and our biggest problem had always been toys and books everywhere. And my hatred for doing dishes but that’s a different story. So we came up with a plan for keeping the playroom clean & cute and it’s been working great so far!


The fun part here is that you can make your own labels, maybe attaching a picture of the type of toy that goes in the bin to make it easier for younger kids to help clean. You can get creative! We used to just throw toys into one big toy bin but that was inefficient for a few reasons: if you’re looking for a specific toy then a lot of other toys get thrown out in the process and you end up with more to clean.


I love a good shelfie and mixing in toys and baskets with the books adds a whimsical touch and is so pleasing to the eye and my heart!


And I think arranging the books in some special way, like color coding or by size, makes putting them away a little easier. It does! Instead of just throwing books onto the shelf, you’re creating something as you clean and maybe it’s just a mental hurdle but it helps.


I might feel the most strongly about keeping Ella’s art table organized. The whole room could be clean but if the arts and crafts are messy, it sets a chaotic tone. I love ombre because it’s cute decor but also means everything has a right place to be, which is a huge part of staying organized.


The utensils that are used most often are on the top and don’t have lids so that they’re easy to access. For me, I find pipe cleaners and those little puff balls super annoying to clean up so they are on the bottom and their containers have lids. If there’s a craft you don’t like having to clean, having storage with a lid is a must. Out of sight, out of mind, out of problems!


The real tip here is that you should make the playroom fun for the kids but also a place that you like to be. Have a place where you can sit, have things you like to do in there, and so on. I love puzzles so I keep them down there and Ella is old enough where she likes to help me with them. I’m also pretty lazy so having a basket of things I might need (wipes & diapers for Jack, phone chargers, etc) makes the day a little easier for me. Kid spaces really end up being Mom & Dad spaces and time together is always great but time together in a beautiful and clean space is pure magic.




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