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There are quite a few challenges to having a little girl but decorating her room definitely isn’t one of them. Ella’s big girl bedroom is shaping up to be one of my favorite projects ever (despite Matthew’s attempts to rein me in). I’m going for a light and airy whimsical vibe (aren’t I always?) to encourage playing and dreaming and, most importantly, to reflect Ella’s magic. I’ve been slowly curating different decor and my dream is to have a statement wall across from her bed. And since she won’t be a little girl forever, I want something that can be easily switched out but works perfectly for right now. That’s not too much to ask, is it????

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One idea I had was removable wallpaper. I’m kind of terrified of installing it but there are just so many great removable wallpaper designs out there! Fears aside, I’ve been on the hunt and here are my favorite removable wallpapers so far:

7  6  5

The obvious themes here are creams, pinks/blushes, and fun prints. There are some bolder patterns here (those ballerinas?!) but I think there’s a great balance of sweetness that can also mature as Ella gets older.

8  All About Food (1)

There are also a lot of colors here that I wouldn’t normally go for, like that peach print or the mauve background of the swan wallpaper. I can be pretty rigid with my color palettes but I just feel inspired to get out of that box. This whole project is a big step outside of my comfort zone; I’ve never installed wallpaper before! But we’re going to be in Georgia for many years to come and it just feels like a good time to take chances.


What are your favorite wallpapers? Have you done a statement wall before? Have any of you used removable wallpaper and if so, how did you like it? Let me know!

Happy curating!



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