tck home // Ella’s room progress

We’ve been in our new house for about two months now (how?????) and have been slowly making progress on turning it into a comfortable and beautiful home. My main point of focus and inspiration has been Ella’s room (of course) and we’ve made small bits of progress in there. Here’s the update!

In preparation for her big girl bed–we ordered one! can’t wait to show it to you!– I found Ella this really sweet swan bedding. And I’ve had my eye on this bunny pillow for years (I included it in this post about Ella’s room) so I’m happy to finally have it join the whimsical zoo her room is becoming.

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I love a good shelfie and rearranging Ella’s hutch could be my full-time project. I’ve kept the gold and pink accents and I love the addition of this “magic” print that isn’t a print at all– it’s a card from one of our friends congratulating us on Ella’s birth. I love when decor is sentimental and brings things full circle!


This pin board was a left over from my dear Pink Room (RIP) and it fits perfectly in Ella’s big girl room. I made a new print to replace the “Baltimore” one (Ella is a Georgia peach, after all) so that it better represents her.


So many of these dresses will have to come down soon (time please stop!) but the subtle ombre will remain.


This is my favorite corner of her room right now. I needed somewhere to store Ella’s nicer books (her old bookcase is in the basement playroom) that have been gifts from my mom and this gold cart has really been working out well. Reading was such a big part of my life growing up and I love to share that with my own daughter.


We’re having the best time putting Ella’s room together– can’t wait to get more done and share it with you all!



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