tck home // entryway reveal

I’ve written about how important the entryway is for a home and I’ve finally put ours together.


I’m not a minimalist at all but I wanted the entryway to remain simple and clean. We don’t actually use the front door ourselves that much, but Ella and Jack are constantly running back and forth through that area so too much stuff would likely cause some issues. So I imagined just a small table with a few decorative pieces and a mirror to brighten everything. I’ve wanted this brass mirror forever and it’s such a good price! The gold matches the (still empty) planters that are by the stairs.


This table was part of our Fourth of July sales haul and fits the look we’re going for perfectly. And we didn’t even realize when we ordered it that it matches the light fixture!

Now for the sentimental pieces here. I think it’s so important to have pieces displayed that have personal meaning to you– it makes the house your own. That jug was given to us by my mom and I remember it being in our house growing up. That bucket was in Matthew’s home for a long time and I added the flowers to bring the space to life. The entryway sets the tone for the rest of the house and what’s most important to us is family and faith so we have the picture of the four of us and the temple (another piece from Matthew’s childhood).


I’m still trying to decide on a rug– I ordered one but I’m not sure about it which never happens with me. I love the pattern and textures but I can see them getting snagged and dirty and I’m not sure if it matches the style of the rest of the space. What do you think? Send me your favorites!


There’s still more to do in this space, like put something above and inside the planters (and there’s another little sign I want to put up but Matthew is fighting me on it), but I feel good about this progress!





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