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The focal point of Ella’s room is going to be her bed and I went back and forth so many times! But we finally settled on one and we couldn’t love it more. But before I reveal which one we picked (coming next week!), I thought I’d share all the favorites we considered, their pros and cons, and some fun ways to style them.

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Crate & Kids

Pros: Cute, good reviews, easy to decorate around it

Cons: Not as timeless, maybe too trendy

For this bed I would want to do really fun and bold bedding to match the spindle details. A lot of mixing patterns and different shapes of pillows would go nicely with this bed.

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Incy Interiors

Pros: Bright rose gold, timeless, comes in multiple sizes

Cons: Price

This bed has an ethereal quality that I would design the room around. Soft colors and whimsical prints would complement this bed perfectly.

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Crate & Kids

Pros: Sophisticated, good backdrop for any decor

Cons: Stains on fabric over time

This bed is pretty neutral which means there are a lot of options for styling it. You can lean into the simplicity or completely dress it up.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 7.41.23 PM

Pottery Barn Kids

Pros: Very pretty, Ella’s style

Cons: Stains on fabric over time, more young looking

This bed has such a girly, princess vibe and you could either try to balance that out or double down. I say double down! Fluffy pillows, a canopy, and textured bedding are perfect for this bed.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 7.05.20 PM


Pros: Great price, mature looking

Cons: Not as bright of a gold

This bed is beautiful and sophisticated but still has the fun spindle detail. I would want really warm colors to complement this bed: deep pinks, peach, and coral.

Now you can see why we had such a hard time picking! I can’t wait to share which one we went with and how Ella and I styled it!

Stay tuned!





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