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“Family prayer is [a] prime opportunity to teach.

I love how President N. Eldon Tanner’s father taught him during family prayer. President Tanner said this:

“I remember one evening when we were kneeling in family prayer, my father said to the Lord, ‘Eldon did something today he shouldn’t have done; he’s sorry, and if you will forgive him, he won’t do it anymore.’

“That made me determined not to do it anymore—much more than a trouncing would have done.”7

As a boy, I would sometimes get irritated with our seemingly excessive family prayers, thinking to myself, “Didn’t we just pray a few minutes ago?” Now, as a parent, I know we can’t ever pray too much as a family.8

I’ve always been impressed with how Heavenly Father introduces Jesus Christ as His Beloved Son.9 I enjoy praying for my children by name as they listen to me express to Heavenly Father how beloved they are to me. It seems there is no better time to communicate love to our children than when praying with them or blessing them. When families gather in humble prayer, powerful and lasting lessons are taught.”

-Devin G. Durrant, Teaching in the Home–a Joyful and Sacred Responsibility



Elizabeth: Top by Forever 21 // Skirt and Headband by J Crew // Shoes by J Crew Factory

Ella: Dress by J Crew // Headband by Wunderkin Co

Jack: Outfit by Gap Kids

Happy Sunday, everybody.

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