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We’ve been in our house for almost 3 months and the design challenge for me has been the playroom. I want it to be a fun and functional space and so far it has been but it doesn’t look exactly how I want it to right now. It’s a long thin room so we’re still trying to decide the best layout. We could split the room up but the kids do like to run the length of the room and I don’t want to change how they play just for aesthetic reasons so I’m trying to figure that out. In the meantime, I do know that I want to do a gallery wall above the toy shelves.

I have a few different gallery wall ideas and I want to know what you think!


I have always wanted to get silhouettes of Ella and Jack and it could be fun to start with theirs and add to the wall as we have more kids. I could stick with black silhouettes just to add contrast to the room or do them in pink and blue to keep with the theme of the playroom.


I love Minted artwork and they have so many great prints in different colors! They have artwork specifically intended for kids spaces and I found plenty of pink and blue ones that would be fun to mix up.


My interior designer friend (and Curated Notebook feature!) Megan has these great big black and white prints of her kids and I’ve always loved this idea. I could do one of each kid with a picture of them in the middle. It’s not secret I’m obsessed with Ella and Jack so this would definitely fit my design aesthetic! Here are some options:


This would be fun and sentimental and we could easily switch out the art as Ella makes new pictures.

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Matthew and I have loved to travel during our marriage and I’ve always wanted to have some space dedicated to all the places we’ve enjoyed together. We also have art from certain countries that would be fun to finally display. This could be the perfect spot.


You guys know I love a photo wall. And in our old house, the side of our refrigerator was covered in these square photo prints and I loved it so much. So maybe it would be cool to do it on a bigger scale? Or crazy? I’m not sure but it would take forever to do so I’d better get sure.

What do you think- what’s your favorite gallery wall idea? Let me know!



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