tck fashion // ella’s birthday outfit

I promise I did not intend to do a second photo session for Ella’s birthday!


I know I’ve been crazy about her turning 5 (it is an enormous deal and I don’t care what anyone says) but doing these photos were not in my original plan. She’s never had school on her birthday before so I was in her room putting a special outfit together– Zara Kids, of course– and the lighting in her room was just so beautiful. The sun was hitting all the different pinks and I knew I was going to get her surprise balloons and the image just popped into my head. And I am defenseless against my own vision.


I love this outfit because the skirt definitely has a tutu vibe and so it fit nicely into the theme of her birthday party. It also complemented the other pinks in her room.


I also took some candids without the balloons, just to highlight Ella. I try to put outfits together that are timeless and unique, just to enhance the photo and the memory.


This is probably my favorite picture of the bunch. I love how she’s laughing and framed by the balloon. I tried that a few different times.


These photos were taken in the afternoon but before school, I took some quick photos of her with the balloons at our front door as well. I like to be thorough! I’ve done about a million other photo shoots with these balloons, btw.



I take millions of pictures, anyway. So all bets are off on birthdays. I love capturing Ella this way but the creative process is also so much fun. Creating the outfit, setting up the photos, playing around with her as I take the pictures, and then getting to share them here. It’s the best of everything and I’ll cherish these moments, frozen in time.







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