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When getting ready for Ella’s birthday, no detail was too small. If there was an opportunity to make anything a little more special– well, I wanted to leave no stone unturned and no element un-curated.

With that being said, I also couldn’t bear the thought of doing another grocery store run to get wrapping paper. I still had this brown craft paper left over from my Valentine’s Day party earlier this year and I thought I could dress it up in fun enough ways that Ella wouldn’t be like, “Why are my presents brown????”


And to be honest, I have never been good at wrapping gifts. So I could use a little help. All I needed was yarn, paper, and gold stickers. Since starting DIYs a few years ago, these are all things I have regularly so the dreaded grocery store trip was avoided.


I don’t have a Cricut or great handwriting so I rely on stickers for all my lettering needs and gold stickers make everything more festive and sophisticated-looking. I was inspired to use them again after I put them on Christmas presents last year.

The little yarn poms were a fun and whimsical embellishment to put together. I thought the different pinks of the yarn would complement the craft paper well (and they kind of correspond to the little poms on the swan doll! Didn’t realize that until just now but I love it).


To make them, all you have to do is wrap yarn around your fingers (or something of equal size, like a large fork) over and over until you have the amount you want. The more you wrap, the bigger the pom will be. Or you can wrap the yarn around fewer fingers to make it smaller. Then you pull the yarn off, tie a separate piece of yarn around the middle and cut the loops. You keep cutting until the strips are the length you want and I tried to get my as even as possible.


For Ella’s birthday party, I was really inspired by stars and included them in the decor. So I came up with this little way to include it in her gift wrapping. I traced the star and then added the paper strips to make it a shooting star. Super easy but sweet.

This wasn’t a completely necessary addition but I really wanted Ella’s birthday to be a complete experience. My favorite thing about creating a curated life is the attention to detail. I love adding surprises and that just that little something extra to make a more beautiful picture. And bonus points because this was so easy to do! Doing things the TCK way doesn’t have to be hard, just special.




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