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Sunday Best // Where Faith & Fashion Meet

It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these! With General Conference, illness, and traveling, Sundays have gotten a little lost.

What do you do when life gets in the way of faith?

I feel like that’s been the case for me basically since we moved back in May. It’s been hard reclaiming the routine I had down in North Carolina. It’s also strange because so much about our life is easier and better now. I struggled in North Carolina for a lot of reasons and leaning into my faith was how I coped with that. Life is busier now but certain loads are much lighter and so it’s really easy to forget how much I need the goodness of gospel in my life. Complacency is a pretty insidious trial if you ask me.

One thing that gives me hope, though, are these weekly Sunday Best posts (though they haven’t been weekly recently, sorry about that!). They’re my chance to reflect and recommit and remind myself of the strong faith potential that I have. I can’t remember exactly why I started doing this all those years ago. I was writing these faith-based posts before I attached my actual Sunday Best outfits to them so it was about more than just coordinating with my kids every week, which does bring me so much joy. I think I was going through another time of transition and this was my anchor in a stormy sea.

I hope it can always see me safe to sunshine.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



P.S. Today was the Primary Program and I’m so proud of Ella and I’m grateful for a church that teaches children to get up and bear testimony at such a young age.


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