tck photo diary // pumpkin patch

Fall for us so far has been exclusively about birthdays. So it’s been a lot of pink and sparkles and fairies– not so much about pumpkins or mums or Halloween. But the birthdays are now behind us and we can get into the season!

On a miraculous day off from work, Matthew and I took the kids to a pumpkin patch at Berry Patch Farms.


The farm was really charming; they had animals, an old tractor, a playground with a tire swing, and a hayride to the pumpkins.



f35077e3-1e47-4716-9094-4da0baa10aa6Pumpkin patches are one of those things where you don’t see what the hype is all about until you get there. It’s a cool sight but mostly, watching the kids be so enchanted by something so simple makes you feel a little like your kid yourself. They just take nothing for granted. Ella and Jack were running all around, occasionally picking up pumpkins and gourds to show us, and having such a good time.

After capturing their adventures for a bit, I joined in.

After the hayride took us back to the main farm where we let the kids play some more. They were in heaven on the tractor!

And right before leaving, Ella took a turn on the tire swing.

It always means a lot to me when Matthew can be a part of these memories with the kids.


The end of the year will be here before we know it so I’m excited to get more into Fall and take advantage of this amazing season.

And now we have pumpkins!



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