tck home // last minute halloween decorations

Too many things happen in October! But I finally feel like I want to get into Halloween and it’s basically too late. But I put some fun decorations in Ella’s room and she was simply delighted.


I was really inspired by this garland from Glitter Party Co— I love this color palette! I didn’t know Halloween could have pink too! Obviously, pink is largely responsible for my current Halloween spirit.

So I took my pink/coral bottle brush trees that I use for Christmas and wrapped them in ribbon and black strips of paper to make them spookier. And then I cut out some black, orange, and pink hearts and put them on the blank wall across from Ella’s bed. Super easy but pretty and whimsical.


Lastly, I made some ghost friends Ella could use to haunt her dollhouse. The first one was super quick, just a tissue with trim tied around it. But then I found a tutorial for ghosts made out of yarn and those turned out much better and less creepy. Squad ghouls!


And of course, the best part of doing stuff like this is Ella’s reaction. She got all dressed up (with some sartorial advice from her mom, naturally) and took haunting her dollhouse very seriously. Kids can be so tricky but they’re the best when they’re so easily pleased.

It came down to the wire but I finally can’t wait for Halloween!


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Creep it real, everybody!



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