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I never know if I’m going to feel prompted to share my testimony. On the first Sunday of every month, anyone can step up to the podium and talk about what they believe. This is called bearing testimony. I brought my college roommate to this once and she couldn’t believe anyone actually did it. Honestly, it’s pretty normal for us to run out of time before everyone who wants to speak gets a chance. And today, I took my chance. I didn’t think I’d have anything to say, especially since my testimony has been suffering as of late. But I also had to teach a lesson today and I guess preparing that lesson put a lot of things in my mind and on my heart and some of it just had to come pouring out of my mouth. And tear ducts. So with my heart pounding and my ears tingling, the usual signs, I said my piece and felt His peace take over me.

There are so many uncomfortable things about this experience but the comfort I’m finding from it now is that I did have something to say. I do have a testimony and it took sharing it to remember that.

Happy Sunday, everybody.




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