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Sunday Best // Where Faith & Fashion Meet.

I have a lot of favorite moments on Sundays. Putting makeup on while I listen to my Sunday playlist of Disney songs and the Tabernacle choir. Getting a picture of Ella at the fireplace, and the rare occasions I can get one of Jack. Taking the sacrament, knowing my sins have been forgiven. Giving the kids hugs and kisses as we send them to Primary and Nursery. Listening to women I admire share their testimonies in Relief Society. Coming home from church and having lunch all together. But today, my favorite moment was sitting next to Matthew in our teacher training meeting and listening to him talk about the importance of teaching with the Spirit. You can teach doctrine and you can teach truth, but the best teacher of all is the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost comforts and guides and uplifts and encourages us to leave church with a better understanding and a firmer commitment to do better. I’m not the best teacher but I know that if I can invite the Spirit into the room, my many shortcomings haven’t interfered and my efforts weren’t wasted.

Happy Sunday, everybody.




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