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Since I started interior decorating, different things inspire me at different times. While thinking about how I wanted to decorate for Thanksgiving this year, the most inspiring thing for me as been coming up with a unique color palette. I saw a picture of a wreath on Etsy and it was gold, white, light brown, and a dusty rose color and it was so striking to me that I immediately knew the direction I wanted to go in. That’s the fun thing about sites like Etsy; it isn’t just a store but a fountain for ideas. Now that I have a color palette, I identified the spots in my home where I could create little vignettes. The front door, the the mantle, our entryway table, and our dining room got the curated treatment.


Even though I used a different color palette last year, I went through all my Fall decor items to see what could work. I love this process because it’s like a treasure hunt you get to do at home.

For Thanksgiving/Fall Decor, pumpkins and garlands are a must. Pumpkins are great because you can find them in so many colors to fit your theme or you can do what I did last year and paint them.


I found this yellow garland at Target and I am completely obsessed with it. I keep moving it around because it works everywhere! I’ve used it three ways.


One of the new additions this year is the wreath on our front door. I customized it by tying a dusty rose/mauve ribbon to the wreath hanger. Such a simple and easy way to make it my own!


Textures are also an important part of decorating, just to give a room more warmth and a natural, organic feeling. I love the simple impact of these two wall hangings.

You guys know I love tablescapes– they’re the essence of curating. Putting together disparate items to create one beautiful, cohesive image.  And of course, they add to the ambiance and overall experience of gathering together for a meal. Essentials for a Fall tablescape are candles/lanterns, table runner, greenery, and pumpkins.


I also love mixing the fancy with the natural. The stem glasses with the mason jars, the rose gold candle holders with the rustic wood candle holders, and then the champagne gold cutlery next to the basketweave chargers- they complement and elevate each other so well.

Decorating for the seasons seems like a lot of work but it really doesn’t have to be. Go through what you have and you’ll figure out where to start. And if being inspired and making a beautiful home is work, then sign me up!

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, everyone!





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