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Sunday Best // Where Faith & Fashion Meet

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had so much fun hosting my sister-in-law and her family and Matthew did a great job with the food. But with the end of the holiday, it’s back to real life and that had me feeling some major anxiety last night. Then at church today, my Sunday School class had an interesting discussion about faith. And there were so many questions that made me wonder, why is faith so difficult to understand? If it were just belief and acting on that belief, why do we still have so many questions about it?

So, I think it’s time for another faith experiment.

I’ve talked a lot about the faith experiment I started last year and how much it helped me. Basically, I started doing scripture study with the thought that the Savior has promised me that I can change so I’m going to read my scriptures believing that. And I did change. And my relationships and my life changed. But with change comes difficulty, too. Even positive changes. We moved and Ella started school and we’ve been trying to build a new life here in Atlanta. And I’ve gotten way off track. So I’m looking to find power in old beliefs and new habits and close out this year with more faith and hope for the future. I’m grateful to still even believe that is possible. I’m grateful for a gospel that celebrates first steps and small victories.

Happy Sunday, everybody.




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