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So I had been dreading wrapping Christmas gifts. I’m not great at it; my oldest sister would always wrap gifts for us growing up! But last year I had the idea to try to make the gift wrapping more special and I really liked that added festive touch.

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I was really inspired by craft paper and wanted to make my own “brown paper packages tied up with string.” I made my own gift tags, added gold letter stickers, and fun trims. Nothing that fancy but it was cohesive and curated. I kept up with the craft paper for Ella’s birthday this year too, and added a few new embellishments.


So I’m still not a great gift wrapper but I wanted to be a little more ambitious for Christmas this year.


This might look like a hassle but I promise, the extra stuff made gift wrapping so much more fun. The chore I had been dreading became a creative outlet and a fun way to incorporate unused Christmas decor and old projects. I chose the color scheme for the wrapping paper and added just a few elements and voila! You’ve got curated gift wrapping.

And honestly, these embellishments have gone a long way in hiding my subpar wrapping skills (one day, I will just watch a video and learn how to wrap them properly). If you want to dress up your gift wrap this year, here are a few items you can easily find/use to do just that.

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Most of this stuff you can keep and reuse next year and for other projects. I originally got the thick yarn for Ella’s birthday party and I’ve used it for so many other fun DIYs since then. I love finding a way to make a tedious task a fun and creative one.




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