tck life // sunday best

It’s the first Sunday of the year and Sunday Best is going to take a little more dedication in 2020. We just switched from having church at noon to having it at 9 a.m. I’ve had morning church before but not with two toddlers instead of one! But Sunday Best pictures are a tradition we’ve kept going for over 5 years now and they’re are too precious to me to give up because of, well, Jack haha.

And I’m happy to say that this morning, I was able to use a real alarm (as in, not one of my kids startling me awake) to wake up early and get ready to get everything done in time. One of my resolutions this year has been to get up before the kids so that I can start my day more peacefully. Unfortunately, this is a resolution I haven’t been able to keep AT ALL. Like literally, not once has this happened in the first 4 days of the year. But this morning, for the sake of Sunday Best, I was able to get up and listen to scriptures while I got ready. I hope I can keep this up as the week and month and year goes on but I know at the very least, I can do it on Sundays. Another reason to be grateful for this special day.

Happy Sunday, everybody!






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