tck home // home tour series

I can’t believe it but we’ve been in our new house for almost 8 months now. I’ve shown snippets here and on Instagram (with a heavy focus on Ella’s room but can you blame me?!) and I’ve decided to share a full look at our house from head to toe. Or in home decor terms, attic to basement.

I’ll highlight each room individually, share our progress, and my short- and longterm plans for it. I want to do this for a couple reasons: to motivate myself, document this journey, and to better connect with my fellow home decor enthusiasts. And simply because it’s fun! I started this blog to create and connect and do something for myself in between mothering and wife-ing. With home decor, I can do everything at once. Create something beautiful for myself, connect to you all, make a magical environment for my kids to grow up, and a peaceful refuge for my husband when he comes home from his hectic days. That’s the beauty of home decor and the power of curated living.

Thanks for following along! Come on in.

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