tck life // sunday best

The prevailing thought I’m having today is that there is something hopeful about making mistakes. I think a difficult experience will almost always teach us more than an easy one. Not getting your way, things not going as planned, not doing the right thing– these moments cause self-reflection and change and that will get you further than immediate perfection. Of course, perfection the goal. But the only way to get there is to learn. and mistakes are teachers. We might be shaped by our mistakes but the danger is thinking that we are defined by them. We aren’t. We’re defined by our divinity. Long before we were born, we were and have always been children of God and that’s an eternal definition. It can’t be changed, it won’t ever be taken away. No matter the mistakes you make, you can always count on your true, divine identity. There’s hope in that.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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