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It’s almost time! Easter is one of my favorite holidays (I feel like I say that about a lot of holidays but I just love celebrating, alright!) I’m just about done putting Ella and Jack’s baskets together and I’m sharing my formula and some fun ideas for the perfect Easter basket for our little ones. When making baskets, I like to do a book, a stuffed animal, some kind of art supply, something educational, a toy, and then a little trinket that you could say is more for me than for the kids. It could be some type of decor for their room or an accessory or something with sentimental value that the kids might not fully appreciate right away but will with time. I also like to use something special as the actual basket– something that we can use year round. And as I’ve been putting their baskets together, I’ve come across so many great products so if you’re looking for Easter basket inspo, keep on scrolling!


I like to use something special as the kids’ Easter baskets. Here are some options that you can use year-round, for storage or play.

Olli Ella Luggy

Pehr Storage Hamper

Wire Basket

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 11.42.40 AM


One fun way to curate an Easter basket is to color coordinate it. I love pink books! Ella and I also love the Little People, Big Dreams series; they feature real people’s stories and come in a variety of fun colors– easy to coordinate!

Flora the Flamingo // Coco Chanel

Other family favorites are Book with No Pictures, Falling Up , and Good Night, Good Night Construction Site (Jack’s personal favorite!). You can also find great sticker books for boys and girls.

Stuffed Animals

Cuddle and Kind

I am completely obsessed with Cuddle and Kind dolls. Well made, beautiful, fun for the kids, and it’s a company with a cause– each doll provides ten meals.

We also love stuffed animals from Pottery Barn Kids, Anthropologie, Crate & Kids, and Target.

Craft Supplies

Chalk Crayons // Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk // Garden Play Doh

Sparkle Play Doh // Drawing Pad

Need more ideas? If you’re feeling brave, different paints could be fun to add- finger paint, bath paint, and face paint.


This will vary for different ages but over the years, we’ve loved abc blocks, puzzles, workbooks, and flash cards. All of these picks are from Anthropologie!


Here is where you can get the most creative! If your kids are anything like Ella, you can take ideas from their year-long birthday and Christmas lists.

Wooden Plane // Mouse Doll // Magnetic Play Set // Paper Dolls // Recorder // Firetruck


Rainbow Necklace // Unicorn Piggy Bank (dupe) // Ragamuffin Pennant // Alarm Clock (dupe) // Sunglasses // Perfume // Bows.

For Jack, I’ve normally given him a bowtie, pajamas, bubbles, or something Easter/bunny themed.


The world is in a bit of chaos at the moment but I’m determined to keep things fun and normal. I had been thinking that this strange situation would ruin Easter as it’s tainted so many other things. But I’m prayerful and hopeful. And maybe a dark time is actually the best time to celebrate this beautiful and profound miracle.

Have a beautiful (and curated) Easter, friends!




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